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Austerity is a project that was created with passion, on fly. It tells a story and shows the beauty in rawness, naturalness since in today's world, we as humans are used to what is perfect, beautiful, polished.

Working on this project, we decided to put the whole thing on the play of light, shape, and camera. All objects used in the project were stripped of any materials. They are fully raw as they were created. The whole project has also been stripped of color.
We believe that it is not necessary in order to fully experience and see the beauty in rawness.

01 Assumptions

The inverse of the world

In creating the project, we assumed several things.
The lack of any materials.
A maximum of one camera
Maximum of one light source
Motion Blur because naturally our eyes register it

Being natural and simple as it can be

02 Execution

The breath of life

After making some quick assumptions, we got to work.
There was no need to prepare anything. It was enough to fire up the software as it stood. Select a shape. Light it appropriately and set up the camera. Three simple steps. Just three to tell a short story.

03 Effect

Short story

After a lot of renderings, selecting the right soundtrack and sound effects, we get the final result. A small but complete story. A story that tells about the beauty in nature, about rawness, about purity. About everyday objects, about space. A story that everyone interprets in their own way.

Value what's austere

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