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Working as a collaborative team as part of CareHive, we were tasked with preparing them with a scaleable designed experience that truly represented the intelligent technology behind the navigator platform that the team had created to empower patients through their selection of care providers within their insurance networks.

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01 - Challenge

A Streamlined Platform For
Streamlined Healthcare

Kicking off the project, we deeply analysed what it meant to be a streamlined platform within the health-tech space and how we could create a digital experience that was contextually empathetic in the patients care journey.

We rooted ourselves in three experience pillars that influenced our every decisions:

  • Empathy & Support
  • Transparency & Trust
  • Patient Empowerment

02 - Approach

Digital Empathy & Transparency

Once we had set out journeys that reflected our core experience pillars, we worked together with CareHive’s brand designer to co-create a modernised approach to the brand that spoke true to how CareHive wanted to be perceived both offline and online.

Grounding the foundations of the brand, allowed us room to explore digital implementations throughout the experience via flexible and scalable components.

Creating a design system that empowered the team to move quickly towards patient empowerment.

03 - Execution

Developed Living Design System

To execute seamlessly on launching the initial version of the navigator platform, we partnered our development team with their head of engineering to produce a design system using Tailwind CSS within the solid.JS framework and passed over styles, elements, and components in a prtioritised fashion.

04 - Result

Successful MVP Launch

Following execution, we aided the internal CareHive team in using the design system for future iterations and variants of the platform and how it could be iterated for future products within the CareHive digital ecosystem.

Our tight collaboration led to a successful launch of the navigator platform for CareHive at the end of 2023.

Thought Leadership

Kasia Ochocka
Product Designer

Empathic design is a core pillar of designing the future of health care



Their collaboration and support led to make sure work was done right. Timeliness and budget was key for our project, but more importantly, we wanted high quality assets to move forward with in the long run. F3 delivered and made the experience easy. That approach was refreshing.

Amy Jospeh, Product Leader

Better care. Better value.

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