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Driving the way for innovation within the live sporting industry, directly targeted at the new wave of sports fans who tenfold their engagement during live games with functionality that puts them in the driver's seat of their entertainment.

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01 Challenge

Technology Meets Purpose

StreamLayer emerged as a pioneering tech company that shattered the barriers of traditional nationwide live sports viewing. By leveraging cutting-edge API integration, StreamLayer empowers users to access multiple engagement layers seamlessly, while watching a live game.

Our challenge was to create impactful engagement models that added layers of meaningful interaction for sports fans and desirability for prospect technological partnerships.

We carried out a complete experience audit of the mobile app and came up with solutions to tackle varying experience problems we identified across the platform plus missing opportunities desired by fans & broadcasters.

02 Approach

Flexible, Smart Design

Our insight phase gave us a clear understanding on how we could deliver impact and innovation to grow our audience.

We had set clear opportunity objectives:

  1. Immediately bring the user into a richer layer of the experience that brings together all aspects of live entertainment like never before on all devices.
  2. Empower fans to watch and consume the game the way they want to with a hyper-personlized experience.
  3. Blend gamification and sponsored slots into a meaningful experience for users
  4. Create a modular framework that could use our feature sets as a tool box that can be packaged as offerings.

03 Execution

A Holistic view of the
Digital Ecosystem

To design a versatile web, mobile and OTT platform that seamlessly integrates into major sporting leagues and organizations ecosystems, this platform demanded a fully customized admin panel, and also facilitates realtime analysis and content distribution across a wide range of features, encompassing both automated and manual processes.

04 Result

A collaborative integration
with synergistic results

Through our strategic partnership with StreamLayer, we seamlessly merged the organization, effectively becoming an extension of their core team.

Together, we worked closely to streamline workflows, optimize squad setups, and accelerate the achievement of key objectives.

Our Collaboration directly with the co-founders, providing valuable support in sales efforts and client proposals led to remarkable growth and success for StreamLayer, including becoming a Microsoft Gamtech Innovation Winner!

Thought Leadership

Hardy Sidhu
Chief Product

Innovating for a industry that has not changed in 30 years...



They were amazing people to work with - not just smart and friendly but fun. But they are also incredible designers who are very thoughtful and highly skilled, who draw on a deep background of experience with some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world.

Tim Ganschow, CPO

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