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Creating a new streaming platform tailored towards kids and families to provide a safe viewing experience with no political agenda , filled with all new exciting TV Shows and movies, accessible from all devices

Visit the website at bentkey.com (available only is US)

01 - Opportunity

100 Days from concept to launch

After conceiving the concept of a children's focused streaming platform, we were set with an ambitious deadline of 100 days to launch the new service on the 100th birthday of Disney (quite the statement)

Working as part of the Bentkey team, we broke down the platform in regards to what it could be and what it should be on launch, whilst collaborating with everyone from content, tech, marketing, and business.

With our roadmap defined, we applied a heavy focus on agile cross collaborating teams to ensure we met the deadline to deliver a SLC (simple, loved, & complete) product.

02 - Approach

Kid Centric Design

Creating an experience for children, our approach from the start was simplicity for intuitive journeys that could be understood by children between 5 and 11 whilst visually ensuring the platform does not feel too childish for the older kids and not too grown for younger kids.

We managed to find a balanced ground by putting the complete focus on the content and the artwork housing the content. This gave us dynamic control over the rows, giving each child an experience for them.

The platform also had to abide by COPPA rules that protects children on digital platforms, by effectively using age gates in key moments in journeys for the parent, we upheld the rights to ensure digital child safety.

03 - Execution

Deployment to all platforms

For Bentkey to have a disruptive launch in family households, we made sure to launch on all major platforms which benefitted multiple viewing behaviours within families (solo watching and collective viewing). All platforms had their own unique requirements and challenges which were catered to.

04 - Result

A heartfelt nationwide response

The response we got from the initial launch was gigantic, with a much loved reaction from parents in the US.

Key results:
#1 kids app on iOS App Store
4.5 + rating on all major digital stores
500K Subscribers in a month
2M Hours of viewing time

Whats next? 2024 we will see our collaborative team push forward with the planned roadmap to build out exciting functionality. Stay tuned!

Thought Leadership

Ricardo Medina
Design Director

Designing for kids in 2023 and the difference from our time as kids



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Chris Williams, President of Product

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